SA Filling and Packaging Machines

Semi-automatic gravity fillers

(Water, Juice, Milk, etc.)

Filling and packaging machines

Semi-automatic volumetric filler

(Salt, Spices, etc)

Filling and packaging machines

Automatic volumetric filler

(Salt, Spices, etc)

Filling and packaging machines

Semi-Automatic Volumetric Fillers

Viscous Products
(Sauces, Domestic Products, etc)
Filling and packaging machines

Semi-Automatic Bottle Rinser

Semi-Automatic Motorized Capper

Neck or Table Support
Filling and packaging machines

Labelling Machines

Semi Automatic or Inline
Filling and packaging machines

Motorized Conveyor and Packing Table


Mixing and Holding Tanks
Pumps and Piping

SA Fillers | For custom Filling Machines in South Africa

SA Fillers (Pty) Ltd | Custom filling machines in South Africa | design and manufacture a range of semi-automatic and automatic bottle filling, capping and labeling machinery.

Our range of bottle fillers includes gravity fillers, volumetric fillers for viscous products and dry product such as spices.

Our bottle filling equipment is supplied as standalone fillers with cappers or monoblock filler cappers. Included in our range of bottle filling machinery is a range of bottle rinsers, labellers as well as conveyors and accumulation tables.

We can offer filling machinery for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, home and personal care as well as dairy and food applications.

SA fillers (Pty) Ltd offer complete filling lines and can support the client with video jet printers and shrink wrap packing equipment to complete the line.

We also offer our expertise and experience to our clients to assist with plant layouts and line control.

SA Fillers | Filling Machines in South Africa

SA Fillers | Filling Machines South Africa
SA Fillers design, manufacture and install modern, quality filling and packaging machines in South Africa
Our specialty is in liquid and spice filling machines
Our Machines are perfect for small to medium and startup businesses.
We believe in quality service above all and offer 24/7 support for our clients
Our Machines don’t just look professional, but are also manufactured with the highest quality materials that will last.